The Grande Finale

The Grand Prix of football has entered the decisive last lap and if the events of the past 1 month are anything to go by, then we are well in for a photo finish. Come July 11th, a new order in world football will be established, when either Spain or Holland will emerge victorious in a shootout that has all the makings of an epic. It would be a 1st title for either of them and will make the winner the 8th different nation to win a WC & the 1st title for a European country outside of Europe.

Spain – the perennial under-achievers in world football, are making their 1st ever WC final appearance (with only a couple of QF appearances being their best results till date). The 2 time & current Euro champions have a lot of money riding on them, with most pundits and fans alike tagging them as the favourites. Their showing in the last 2 years and in this WC in particular, has proven how far they have grown as a footballing nation and that there is absolutely no place for all the internal (read:regional) rivalry that had been the bane of the earlier teams. 

Spain are the European Champions going into the World Cup Photo: GETTY IMAGES

On the other hand, Holland- the perennial bridesmaids, are making their 3rd WC final appearance, this one coming 32 years after their previous such appearance. Having lost out to far inferior teams before (based on form & talent in those WCs only), they will be surely hoping to make amends this time around.”The Oranje” are definitely the weaker team when compared to the overall & individual talent that Spain possesses. But it would be foolish to write them off as they are in the finals on the back of some very impressive & consistent performances  over the past 1 year. They are on a long unbeaten streak and will ensure that it will not be a walk-in-the-park for Spain.

                        Holland are the underdogs for the final.
But who will prevail in the end? Will it be Spain’s powerhouse of talent or will it be Holland’s gumption? The magic will unfold on the night of July 11 and millions of fans are waiting with bated breath to find out what happens. So here is wishing for a great night of football and hoping that the best team will win.